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The Selfish Gene… or the Hoarder Mentality

  A 9 minute video, disturbing the minds for future use. Filling their ledgers with studies and results…   The Hoarder Mentality…    I was going to say my “opinion of someone else’s opinion”, which I made a euphemism about “wars” in a song. Also the song’s first verse was my old college friend’s poem, …

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Time is a Cross You Carry to the Grave


— Time is a Cross You Carry to the Grave — 09/25/2016 Time is something you carry to your grave. Also, time is a speeding comet, evading your reach and control. The speed of it goes by so quick, when you’re old, and slow when you’re young. I can’t get to the grave fast enough …

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mob mentality

— Trump MOB MENTALITY : The only thing squashing our rights —     The mob mentality is a dangerous thing to a free society. I’m sure there are Trump’s supporters in my friend’s realm, but I will pray for them for their blindness. He likes to lead the cattle to their slaughter, and sell …

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Brain Rain : When does it Mentally Rain

— Brain Rain : When does it Mentally Rain —   The brain rain, storms and drizzles, are compared to these stress periods that flood your life, and make you thirsty. The brain rain is compared to the stress periods, but you need stress to feel alive. The stress nourishes your needs, and makes you …

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