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Modern Marketing : Thorn in my Side

Barbed Wires

The Devil’s Marketing Practices Modern Marketing techniques is vast and dangerous. They take the form of what’s trending in society and take it as their own form of property, and then try to sell it to you, but you don’t know, that you already own it. It was given to you by the grace of …

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Welcome to Happiness – Review

— Welcome to Happiness – Review —   I was surprised of the viewing of this movie, it was like a resurrection, since I was killed two days before when I watched the movie Calvary. The ending was what killed me, it was so sad. This seemed to raise my spirits, cause I thought about …

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A Vision of the False Profit


— A Vision of the False Profit – A Self Centered Profit —   People worship already the false profit, and look to the profit for guidance. Corporations are like the organs of the body, and they develop tumors that feed on the sweetness of the profits, since all cancer tumors are nothing but fermenting …

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What I’m Thankful For :


— What I’m Thankful For : Everything —   I‘m thankful for family and friends, and the love they let me share and take. I like to give more, than I take.   I‘m thankful for the last few days, and I went to the store, and someone I never met, or even asked her name, …

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Revelation of the Relationship between God & Mankind


Revelation of the Relationship between God & Mankind   I had a revelation, when I was watching this Video, of our relationship between machines and humanity. It was when he discussed leaving machines dumb, and like tools that we use. Once they become sentient, we feel it’s becoming everything against our very nature.     Much …

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Election’s the Big Global Scam


— Election’s the Big Global Scam : Fresh New Scams every year — 10/17/2016 Every year we go through an election of scammers and spammers. Who lie to make us feel better on voting for them. The lying is becoming a norm, and we are excepting them. We are being conditioned like some psychological experiment. …

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The Devils inside of Us… Put them to Rest


— The Devils inside of Us… Put them to Rest — 10/14/2016   I need to make this statement about the devils inside of all of us. Put them to REST IN PEACE. Like Jesus said to Peter “Get behind me Satan…”, pertaining to his concerns with the material world. When the flesh and spirit …

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Legions of Anonymous Followers

— Legions of Anonymous Followers : Radical Followers —     Though I agree with Anonymous, I see it as another party that wants control of your minds. It’s the seeds of corruption again, calling you to blame the govt. Know that what you judge, will judge you again in the end. It’s a vicious …

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Hacking Gone Crazy… have a nice life!

— Hacking Gone Crazy… have a nice life! —   I‘m going through a “hacking gone crazy” major attack on my servers, as I speak(type). I hope they have a nice life, cause after my death the world will go through turmoil and pain. You might not agree with me, but my spirit is following …

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Genome Editing with CRISPR

— Genome Editing with CRISPR: Games of God —     Since they discovered DNA and the human genome editing, they’ve proved the innocent were innocent, and were freed from the jails. It started out to be a noble cause, but you’re forgetting mankind is corruptible to the core. Give him the power, and mankind …

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Humans : Mechanisms of Society

— Humans : Mechanisms of Society  —   This is a deep thought, that I want to record, humans are the mechanisms of society. Society being the interactions of the populations. I had this thought at 19 years old, and it festered in me and transformed, and transformed, until it stopped transforming, and became what …

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— Religions : Their Extremities —     Religions are mankind born, depicting their own understandings of a deity that claims it decides their own fate, and they impose their narrowminded views of that deity that is born out of their conjectures and assumptions. Thus I’m not talking of any one religion over another, I’m …

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Nature is Amazing

— Nature is Amazing —   The thought of Nature is amazing, it’s filled with everything bad and good. Mankind is included in that mix, and myself being a part of that nature, all I tend to see is the bad. I have a strong streak of cynicism, where the bad is magnified over and …

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