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HYPE Deceives

Marketing Hype Deceives, at it’s whims. I was deceived by my own assumptions of Studio One 6, that Audio files dragged out passed the limit of the audio files, was looping, but I had to make a MIDI pattern first to loop it. There maybe another way to convert it to an audio looping file, …

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Studio One 6

Day 2 I downloaded and installed Studio One 6. Making your own Click Track And I saw this in making my own click track, with certain sounds of drums… it gives it feeling, instead of the bland counting of measures. It’s what I always wanted with a DAW, and I’m sure other DAWs have that …

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LOOPS Loops Schloops Bloops

— LOOPS Loops Schloops Bloops —   I started getting back into music making, and when sampling first started in the late 60’s, I was years behind it, and discovered it by accident in the early 90’s, cause it suited what I needed. I’ve been using the words “looping” and “loops” as if everyone knows …

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