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Foo Fighters UFOs

  Little Orbs of White Light The little orbs of white light coming down and never touching and landing on the ground, was like the videos I made a playlist of, and is unexplained sightings. I experienced one, and a missing 1/2 hour of time occurred  too, or maybe it was an hour. It was …

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The App Attacks

app attacks

— The APP Attacks —   The App attacks of the Internet of Things, with every seemingly mundane task to make your life easier, is making life more complicated and tedious. I guess the young and foolish like to be wild and unorganized. It’s not my cup of tea, though I like a good app, …

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Little Raven

Little Raven  The night has set on this northern town and you wonder where your wings will take you You are driven by your dreams, but its never what it seems So you start to cry, but your tears run dry and the morning sun brushes against your eye You’re awake now, and you wonder …

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