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Steam is Bubbling in This Soul

And I need to vent it out of me, on here. I should’ve got up and eaten, but I chose to stay in bed, and vent my frustrations for satisfaction, instead of eating for energy, and healing. The times of frustration need an output of venting, what’s wrong with my life… I’ve been searching for …

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What’s on my Mind?

Nothing! Fantasies of conversing with someone, more or less God… my creator, deceiver, and confidant, and also a motivator, truth, and revealer… illusion giver, and delusion giver too. God is a mystery to me, and God should be forever… cause once I know God, I am dead… God is everything Good and Evil, as Isaiah …

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Multi Dimensional Layers of Society

Where you don’t know what layer your on, and you’re lost. Life is made of different layers, like leaves on a tree, each individual leaf contains many layers to their individuality. What season is in bloom, and natures have different realities, different Layers. Life has so many layers, every aspect of life contains different, multidimensional …

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Studio One 6

Day 2 I downloaded and installed Studio One 6. Making your own Click Track And I saw this in making my own click track, with certain sounds of drums… it gives it feeling, instead of the bland counting of measures. It’s what I always wanted with a DAW, and I’m sure other DAWs have that …

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FB and ME

The Facebook Debacle   FB and Me went through a love and hate relationship. It started with a friend’s pictures of Paris, and progressed with connecting with friends from my past, and bordering on a dangerous relationships. I always kept my distance from the intimacy, that FB tried to instill in me. Talking about FB …

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Pacifier Religions: once we’re sucking,we don’t cry

pacifier religions

— Pacifier Religions: once we’re sucking, we don’t cry —   The religions of this fleshly world, are the pacifiers of the global society. They take the place of God, for just a temporary relief. The hunger is always there as long, as we are alive, but there is a spiritual hunger, and the fleshly …

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Windows 10 updates are getting more annoying

windows 10 updates

— Windows 10 updates are getting more annoying — Update: I’ve wasted 24 hours total of failed updates (Windows 10, version 1607), not one went through. Each took 8 hours, of waiting and waiting, only to fail. I’m disgusted by Windows 10, and their support. They want more data on me, rather than solve the …

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Tomidjah’s Rant

— Tomidjah’s Rant — Well after trying to rid users that I didn’t know I had, the number of visitors dropped significantly. Sploggers and spammers come in like rodents and fill the walls of your blog, unbeknownst to you. What goes on in the walls of your blog you’re not privy too, so I don’t …

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