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Pink Floyd – Another Brick in the Wall.

This was a good song in 1979 when it came out. But over the last 45 years, it has taken on a new meaning in my life… it’s part of the break up of Pink Floyd, and they went their separate ways, being sprayed with Graffiti into colorful little Bricks… but they are bricks of …

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What I’m Thankful For :


— What I’m Thankful For : Everything —   I‘m thankful for family and friends, and the love they let me share and take. I like to give more, than I take.   I‘m thankful for the last few days, and I went to the store, and someone I never met, or even asked her name, …

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Dark Horses and Light Horses, Battling


— Dark Horses and Light Horses, Battling For Victory —   Horses are compared to our egos, in our going through our global society. Ego’s start wars and seek to survive from ridicule’s torment. It’s our defenses from failure. I’ve been a failure all my life, so I recognize poor losers. They have made successes …

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Who Knows? Who are you going to call?

who knows

Who Knows? Who are you going to call?     God knows, when I wrote the following. I found it, when I went looking through my many papers of forgotten lyrics or essays. This was a short essay on what’s facing this nation today, in fact must’ve been in the past, cause I wrote it …

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Algorithmic Manipulations taking Over

algorithmic manipulations

— Algorithmic Manipulations taking Over —   The world is being taken over by algorithmic manipulations by different tech companies, vying for a place in power on the proverbial hill. Google’s being one of them, and they go further and further into the shadows, while their inventions, go further into the spotlight. Google got into …

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Powerful Leader

— Powerful Leader… what my name Richard means —   I‘ve like this guy Jason’s videos… it scripted talks, but he seems like he is talking from the heart. He gets so passionate that his emotions have an effect on me and him. Talking about leadership, that’s what my name means. It must be they …

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Take the Trash Out

— Take the Trash Out of the Streets —   I broke my leg, from falling in the shower off the wall mounted bench, I’m a paraplegic and don’t have any muscle to stand, so from 2ft straight down to a cold tiled floor, was a shock for me and my legs. When I crawled …

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Alone??? Obama is making like a king, he doesn’t want to hear people, he wants us to live in fear. The blowback from the drone warfare is at the borders of America. That will be the headlines for doing a terminator type justice around the world. I live in fear everyday that power goes to …

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