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Saving Files Here has been a Nightmare

— Saving Files Here has been a Nightmare —   I‘ve been trying to post here all month, but it seems the elite minded sees us as mad ranters…and hack away at my peace. I’ll just rant at/in my peace, and claim it as my right… and I’ll take potshots at their peace in hopes …

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WAR = Crimes !


— WAR = Crimes : That’s all there is in the news today—     It seems that’s all there is in the news from the day I was born, probably until the day I die. I see it as a crime against humanity, everyone does too, but they do nothing to stop it. They …

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Republican 5th Debate


— Republican 5th Debate : The Debates of Fools —   I sat through the 5th Republican debate of 2015, and they said the same things in the previous debates. They want to protect the American people, by killing those who threaten our way of life. It’s the words of thugs, we’ll do the drive …

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Killing Jesus infinitely

— Killing Jesus Infinitely —   The first five minutes of “Killing Jesus”  written by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard, which is expected to debut tomorrow, we killed him over 100 times in the movies, it’s like our obsession with watching snuff films over and over. We watch our sins murdering a sacred individual, over …

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Israel and Gaza

Israel and The Gaza Strip It’s like dynamite to counteract fireworks. Hamas and the Israeli military, the peddlers of death, running our fears… they need to fear the public they taunt with their violence. Like the politicians need to fear the the lies, before they speak it, so should people fear the act before the …

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