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Salt of the Earth, & Light of the World

Plants need Nitrogen, Phosphorus, & Potassium to grow healthily. Salt is a plant killer, in fact there are many plants that they kill… don’t drown someone in salt water… it leaves them dead… or gives them a tombstone to mark their grave on the Dead Sea, I failed the Chemistry classes in High School(Watch this …

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Coding replacing Hardware

internet of things

  With the new interconnection of the Internet of Things, the coding of the operating systems of those devices are replacing tubes that are autonomous with their mechanical nature. The coding is replacing the need of mechanics. We bought TVs and they lasted 22 years, and you had to give it away, cause no one …

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The Internet – The Bowels of the World


— The Internet – The Bowels of the World — The media or the press is nothing but the farts, silent but stinky, or loud and repulsive. The wars they profess or start, I haven’t enough time to think about to conclude on anything yet. I see correlations between our digestive system, and the global …

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AfterLife – Immortality to be Skeptical

— AfterLife – Immortality to be Skeptical About —   I watched this video by Big Think, where Michael Shermer is talking about being skeptical about reaching utopia, and saying dystopia is the ultimate result of utopia. Leaves me a little skeptical about the whole notion of reaching heaven at all. There were moments that …

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Internet Connection Required : Before Buying

— Internet Connection Required to Run the Program —   I bought Corel Ultimate VideoStudio X10, cause I was buying a disk, that I could install it on another computer, that never saw the internet. I was wrong and received this email from Corel tech support. Charles Forte (Corel) Aug 15, 10:26 EDT Hello Rich2rain, …

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Sex in Digital Interactive Games


— Sex in Digital Interactive Games —   I remember first thinking of sex with the naked models, when I first saw them in magazines in the prepuberty ages. Playboy, Hustler, and any other skin magazine I saw them in. Being in the heat of puberty, it doesn’t rationalize with a reasoning mind. It just …

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Info Intake Overload : Complacent Madness

— Info Intake Overload : Complacent Madness —   supplied by the massive info intake upon the mind from the Internet, we’re left confused, or enlightened. It raises a complacent madness, which is an unconscious form of denial. It makes us feel superior to our ancestors. A form of pride that will be our downfall, …

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Spinning the Press Spinsters into Oblivion


— Spinning the Press Spinsters into Oblivion — 10/05/2016 The Spinning is the editorial messes, mixing the facts with small talk, thus diluting the truth. Spinning like a twister causing destruction, or like a gentle breezes, causing you comfort. Watch those gentle breezes, they make you complacent, and not aware of what’s coming. So much …

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The App Attacks

app attacks

— The APP Attacks —   The App attacks of the Internet of Things, with every seemingly mundane task to make your life easier, is making life more complicated and tedious. I guess the young and foolish like to be wild and unorganized. It’s not my cup of tea, though I like a good app, …

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Cyborgs will be Hackable

— Cyborgs will be Hackable —   The thought of with the many medical devices and implants that are available nowadays, I’m wondering if we are making ourselves cyborgs. The collective mind from Star Trek the New Generation, are we becoming like the Borg? “Resistance is futile”     Nanoprobes are microscopic machines that inhabit …

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mob mentality

— Trump MOB MENTALITY : The only thing squashing our rights —     The mob mentality is a dangerous thing to a free society. I’m sure there are Trump’s supporters in my friend’s realm, but I will pray for them for their blindness. He likes to lead the cattle to their slaughter, and sell …

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Algorithms are My New Enemy or Friend?

— Algorithms are My New Enemy or Friend? — 02/17/2016 This video discusses workings of algorithms in our society. First we must understand, what algorithms are? Basically they’re formulas/equations, that carry a mass of diverse values with all the mathematical logical properties such as, adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, square root, etc., and the conclusions they …

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Threats to the US – Paranoia Extremes

— Threats to the US – Paranoia Extremes —     Paranoia brings awareness to the surface, like a submarine coming out of the depths of the oceans. It’s how you interpret those fears, that could be a major problem for you. The internet of things is a new term of the new technological devices …

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IP Madness

— IP Madness —   The amount of IPs is astronomical for one man to maintain in his mind, that IP 4 version, but the madness of the IP 6 version is astronomically more complicated, for the human mind to comprehend. I know it’s the amount of addresses that it addressees, but I fear there …

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Waste of Time

— Waste of Time : Blackhole called the Internet —   Waster of time, called the internet, I see so much promise in it, but like a politician’s mouth the promises come out, but they’re never fulfilled the way you expect them.  I woke up pissed off today, and it seems to get worse as …

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Cyber Warfare

— Cyber Warfare :  The New Virtual Battlefields —     I‘m not that smart enough to ride the waves of hackers, also not that aggressive in nature either, but I’m aware of the sickness going on. It’s a case of the blinded pride, it has power, but it’s the populations feeling their way through …

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Corporate Power goes Wild

— Corporate Power goes Wild —   Fascism is coming again in a new wave, more destructiveness, more subtly, so unnoticed that they hope to spring it on you as a surprise/unawares. The secret chapters that are hidden from the news, and the people, and the congress like lap dogs are forbidden to report the …

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IP Madness (WorldWildWeb)

— IP Madness (World Wild Web) —   It seems there are more websites that you can count on one hand, even both hands and toes on both feet,  and I don’t know the numbers of tenants on one IP. I can come up with another way to say it better than that one, it …

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