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Democracy is it the Salvation Govt?

Democracy is it the only Choice Democracy isn’t the perfect Govt, nor is the opposite chaotic international Federalism, which I studied in college. I wanted to make an independent study major, which was designed by a Professor at NEC (sister campus), Arundel, UK,  which closed in 1998. There I was, until a death in my …

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The Fear and The Eclipse : Two confusing ideas

— The Fear and The Eclipse: Make sure you have Safe glasses —   I bought these safe glasses, and tried them out on the real Sun. Without the eclipse, and it seemed to be safe. The sun looked like the moon in the sky. It looked like the light from an image of the …

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WAR = Crimes !


— WAR = Crimes : That’s all there is in the news today—     It seems that’s all there is in the news from the day I was born, probably until the day I die. I see it as a crime against humanity, everyone does too, but they do nothing to stop it. They …

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Mr. Yans who died and made you God?

— Mr. Yans who died and made you God? —   The UN spokesperson Mr. Yans said the US state laws is against the international drugs laws that were made in 1961, you need to learn about the drug, that you criminalized in your ignorance. It has many blessings that include textile,medicinal, and food…there is …

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