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I just bought the Synthesizer V Studio Pro.

Last Night, as an Impulse Buy. I was amazed at it’s properties, and now I want to record my own voice, as one of the voices in it’s singing capabilities. I feel young, all over again… it’s sad, the way the world is now for me, with all the political mayhem going on all over …

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Silence, isn’t the Way to Peace, it’s the result of Peace.

We need to think of this and digest that thought. I just heard Senator Bernie Sanders in this video, and I hear God too, but God doesn’t tell me to kill anyone, much less the Palestinians. I guess the truth takes time to become known, like it’s always darkest and cold before the dawn, then …

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Stunning Emotions

  “I want the kids to have their own opinions and be able to support it. They need to think critically. If all you teach them is to regurgitate, it will not help them in life.” — Alisha Valenzuela   We go through this life being led by emotions, the shock and awe of emotions …

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