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Tit 4 Tat WARS

  Wars Need to STOP! Egos rule our minds and actions in the world, and it is the avenue, towards our feelings and pain, sometimes excruciating pain, making you react with vengeful feelings… like a reflexive reaction. Tit for Tat, and a punch for punch… it never solved anything in your mind or heart… it …

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Venting Frustrations

Yelling at God My God is as Vast as the Many Populations in the Universe. God is as real, as the air we breathe, and the oxygen we need to carry our blood from our hearts, to feed the many organs in our body to thrive healthily. So forgive me, if I don’t show the …

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Punk Rockers Are Like Boiling Pots of Melodies

  It was Always Alternative Rock to me. I couldn’t sing either, but I had a lot of messages that I wanted to get out into the world… Though with PUNK Rock too… I couldn’t stand their screaming, though their lyrics were deep, when I read them, and it was from their hearts, cause they …

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