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Well, I went back to the MPC software.

And AKAI needs work with enabling their software. The iLok license manager is a drain on the activation process, I deleted it off my system, and maybe they got offended. I tried to make an account with them, cause of a drum program I bought last year or the year before, and I was refunded …

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Technical Nightmares

  I guess, I’m an Idiot. It seems the tech industry is a self ordained god, judging others for not connecting to their minds, and scribbling instructions on how to use their software, hardware, and all the third party developers that use their software. I’ve had a nightmare with downloading the extensions with Studio One …

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The Cloud Firewall is no more Safe

cloud firewall

— The Cloud Firewall is no more Safe, if you know the IP — 10/11/2016 Update: Another Article from Wordfence on the endpoint firewall, the pros and cons of the cloud firewallvs endpoint firewall.   The Cloud Firewall(WAF) that was setup in the early 90’s.  You only have to know the IP of the server …

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