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2Rains – Drip Drip

2Rains – Drip Drip   This song is one that I had a hard time writing, it was another song me and Mike wrote in Alaska around 1997. It’s about lack of inspiration… where inspiration, comes in drips, and not raging like a river. Patience is the key to finding your roots, and the purpose …

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Legions of Anonymous Followers

— Legions of Anonymous Followers : Radical Followers —     Though I agree with Anonymous, I see it as another party that wants control of your minds. It’s the seeds of corruption again, calling you to blame the govt. Know that what you judge, will judge you again in the end. It’s a vicious …

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Smartphones, Flipphones, and No Phones


— Smartphones, Flipphones, and No Phones —       I had a flipPhone, then I bought a smartphone, and felt dumb, and I usually called people unaware of how to hang it up. The FlipPhone all I had to do was close it, and it was hung up. People just said push a red …

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Memories: Are they fear or hope ?


— Memories: fear or hope — I was laying bed and was watching Blade Runner with Harrison Ford and Rutger Hauer, and during the movie they brought up the memory factor. Also, I see memories as chains delivering hope or fear, guidance or danger, connecting with everyone on the planet who lives. I may be …

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