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Pacifier Religions: once we’re sucking,we don’t cry

pacifier religions

— Pacifier Religions: once we’re sucking, we don’t cry —   The religions of this fleshly world, are the pacifiers of the global society. They take the place of God, for just a temporary relief. The hunger is always there as long, as we are alive, but there is a spiritual hunger, and the fleshly …

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What did they do?

— What did they do? What sins were they supposed to confess? —     What was the counseling session on? This was a few days later, and no more info except hearsay gossip. It seems the gossip has quick legs, equal to that of Flash the superhero, while the truth goes like a turtle. …

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Feather in the Wind… What is space?


Feather in the Wind… what is space?     Gossip is a way of messing up space, and space is to be pure without garbage getting in the way. Falsehoods and other things bring error to the picture, and to gather back up all the falsehoods that you’re told is a big headache in the …

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