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Starlink is NOT worth it

Musk is the Dusk of Mankind’s Dark Future Night Starlink is a total takeover of mankind’s freedom… I’m sorry if that seems so quick to judge, but the customer service is non existent, and the forums are praising Musk, like he’s infallible… sorry I disagree… he’s as fallible as the rest of us are. I …

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UFOs using Water as the Fuel

  UFOs what fuels do they use? This is the video that inspired me to relive my childhood memory, of an experience of witnessing a UFO hovering over a reservoir. She talked about how they get oxygen for breathing for the Astronauts on the ISS(International Space Station). They pass an electrical current through water, to …

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Crisis of Civilization

Crisis of Civilization I found this outlook of The Crisis of Civilization intriguing. I’m about 10 minutes into it…so I’ll watch it all, and see if I hate the message, which is the case of 50% of all Youtube videos Well I’m over half way through the documentary, and it is somewhat comical, that dry …

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