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Creative Sparks?

  To Start a Creative Fire in your Heart. When you’re lost in the forest of thoughts, and Wondering takes control, and becomes a tyrant taking away your freedoms… but you seek truth and freedom, and rebel against control from the tyrant “Wondering”, and now you feel free. Free to clear your thoughts from being …

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Anna Graceman – Playing Pretend, Speak To Me & Living in Denial

  3 Songs by Anna Graceman This is a dangerous territory to play in, it’s the fantasy world, that gives way to major misunderstandings between people, who don’t face up to reality, and think what goes on in their mind, is reality. No matter what you said or agreed to in their mind, it wasn’t …

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Lust is Rust to Love


— Lust is Rust to Love : A Relationship in Danger —   Every relationship is a new vehicle to carry you both to your destination. The rust starts to form from the first sexual encounter. You need to check the progression, and stop it in its tracks. You need to oil it with the …

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Three Parties doesn’t make Govt smaller

— Three Parties doesn’t make Govt smaller —     Three Parties is more than two parties. You grow another deformity to fly, or muck up the flight patterns. I don’t know, but I see it as big govt doing the same things to solve a problem, as they did before. The problem is big …

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Illusory Dreams

illusory dreams

— Illusory Dreams —   I wake from illusory dreams to reality everyday, as we all do. It’s where we gain our strength, and get a respite from reality’s burdens. We seek a solemn peace, that is like a spider’s web from delusions to illusions. We are stuck in fantasies. I’m a long winded fool, …

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Fantasies : Delusional Cages

— Fantasies : Delusional Cages —   Fantasies are either delusional cages like prison cells locking you away from the world, or are creative freedoms to do your work, like a writer. We fantasize everyday, it’s the workplace of imaginations. Everyone does it, whether it’s conversations in front of the mirror, or dreams that we …

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Tomidjah’s Babble on

— Tomidjah’s Babble on —   If you want to hear music while you read, then this is the music I chose…it’s relaxing… my babble on music   Fantasyland is my Babylon, my sins, and has me fighting to get out of bed in the morning. Vices galore in those fantasies, though not harmful to …

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