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Reminiscing on Depressing Memories?

  Memories, What to Think About?   11/11/2021 The thoughts of reminiscing of good memories, is a pleasure, but thinking about failures or bad memories is depressing. It’s better to take a couple of shots of whiskey, at least there is a physical cause, to the way you feel. Cause you will feel the same …

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Why do We put Prices on Everything?


— Why do We put a Price on Everything? —   Prices are put on everything, as the main focus. Freedom requires spilt blood, for it’s price. The new prosthetics arm that moves and feels requires a price of over $100,000 for the prosthesis. It made me mad when the guy gave it an astronomical …

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Revelation of the Relationship between God & Mankind


Revelation of the Relationship between God & Mankind   I had a revelation, when I was watching this Video, of our relationship between machines and humanity. It was when he discussed leaving machines dumb, and like tools that we use. Once they become sentient, we feel it’s becoming everything against our very nature.     Much …

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Rising star or setting sun

Music Rising Star “The day passes and the sun sets, and night time is on us, and the stars fill the skies. The music industry is a big black hole, it rips people apart while they suck in all the suckers.” It’s a dark and depressing outlook on the music industry, but so true. The …

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