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Swimming in a Crowded Rough Sea

swim drown

  Swimming in a Crowded Rough Sea : World Today   In the world today, I looked and compared it to a large bucket filled with water being tossed and shaken around, and it’s also filled with all the world’s population. It sounds so unreal, but you have to have a wild imagination to see …

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Threats to the US – Paranoia Extremes

— Threats to the US – Paranoia Extremes —     Paranoia brings awareness to the surface, like a submarine coming out of the depths of the oceans. It’s how you interpret those fears, that could be a major problem for you. The internet of things is a new term of the new technological devices …

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Light and Dark

— Light and Darkness : the Contrast that Details the Big Picture —   The two extremes brings the picture alive with details, that are lost with too much light, or too much darkness. When there is balance in the view between the two extremes, the details jump out at you, giving a clear view …

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