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It seems like last week was 32,000+ dead in Gaza.

The Deaths, make Orphans, without Parents to guide them. A Rafah invasion will only cause more deaths, and you’re no closer to victory, than the moment you thought about it… you went away from the battlefield of thought and contemplation, to seek victory in what you see outside of yourself. And more children will die …

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Emotions Layers

Emotional Levels, are incorporated into different layers Emotions can be seen as a vibrational force, and time is involved too in the equation… but that confuses me now… so I’ll just deal with what I imagined about emotions on the philosophical level. I hope I articulate the thoughts I came up with clearly and understandably, …

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Brain Rain : When does it Mentally Rain

— Brain Rain : When does it Mentally Rain —   The brain rain, storms and drizzles, are compared to these stress periods that flood your life, and make you thirsty. The brain rain is compared to the stress periods, but you need stress to feel alive. The stress nourishes your needs, and makes you …

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