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C’set La Vie

Joey Harkum I remember, I sang like this too. Chords and Lyrics Here It was a long time ago, I was only armed with an acoustic guitar, and became delusional seeking fame and riches, and being idolized for being a rock star… I had to have a stroke to come to my true senses. I’ve …

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Somebody Like Me

This song is singing about me. Chase McDaniel – Somebody Like Me I‘m feeling sorry for myself, in my narcissistic ways, and I’m tired, and I haven’t got more than 2 hours sleep, before I had to get up, and sign for the used MPC Live2 package from Fedex. I got it, but I don’t …

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Hitler vs Duterte : Who’s the Maddest?

— Hitler vs Duterte : Who’s the Maddest? — 09/30/2016 It seems, Duterte is the maddest. He’s the only one alive. Slaughtering is a sign of madness. Hitler slaughtered, but Duterte is looking to slaughter.  Premeditation in the works. He wants to commit genocide on the likes of me, and all of my friends. I …

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