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The Dramas, I can do Without


—- The Dramas, I can do Without — 02/23/2016   I don’t know about you, but since the New Year’s started, I’ve had dramas in my life. Before the New Year, I was loaded with dramas too, not by my choice. This time, it was by my choice. Now you have to listen to my …

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The Phenomenon of Social Networking

— The Phenomenon of Social Networking —   Facebook, the social networking giant, who I haven’t had any interaction with since Feb 2nd, 2015. I’ve shared with Google+, and now I’m going deeper and shaving off my ties with Pinterest. They make me not want to be social at all. It’s all games, with losing and …

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Social Media : what’s it doing to us?

— Social Media : What’s it doing to us? —  Social Media is what’s happening on the local scene, making us more narcissistic, with drama updates on FB, or Google+. Or you can start a blog like me, which made me more narcissistic then I ever thought I could be. “The term narcissist is derived from …

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Drama Mamas & Patronizing Papas

Drama Mamas and Patronizing Papas Drama effects the mind like water effects the plants, the tainting of drama with the toxicity of sewer water will kill the plant or mutate it. Pure water will have a clear healthy effect. If the drama is clean and healthy there are no side effects, and you grow up …

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