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Silence, isn’t the Way to Peace, it’s the result of Peace.

We need to think of this and digest that thought. I just heard Senator Bernie Sanders in this video, and I hear God too, but God doesn’t tell me to kill anyone, much less the Palestinians. I guess the truth takes time to become known, like it’s always darkest and cold before the dawn, then …

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Israel Kills Foreign Aid Workers.

7 Aid workers were killed, in 3 separate IDF air strikes. I guess they struck them in one vehicle, and they went to another vehicle, then another air strike, which made them move to another vehicle where they all died, with the last air strike. It left a hole in the roof, where the World …

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New Youtube will become Old Hollywood


— The New Youtube will become the Old Hollywood —   Calling copyright infringements, like candy on Halloween, or trick or treat mania, could be Hollywood’s fate. Where tricks are there ready to give out, and the treats are hard to find. Youtube is taking that same road, where they form a special few, and …

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