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Venting Frustrations

Yelling at God My God is as Vast as the Many Populations in the Universe. God is as real, as the air we breathe, and the oxygen we need to carry our blood from our hearts, to feed the many organs in our body to thrive healthily. So forgive me, if I don’t show the …

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Delusions: Self Righteous Judgment

road to judgment

Delusional Minds Lead the World The meaning of delusions is born from judging other people. We shouldn’t judge other people. Otherwise, that delusion hooks you, and you’re pulled into vortex of not judging yourself. When you judge others, it is easier than you think, to get hooked. Self righteous judgments are a tumbleweeds going with …

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Election’s the Big Global Scam


— Election’s the Big Global Scam : Fresh New Scams every year — 10/17/2016 Every year we go through an election of scammers and spammers. Who lie to make us feel better on voting for them. The lying is becoming a norm, and we are excepting them. We are being conditioned like some psychological experiment. …

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— Gentrify : I just learned a new word —   The video I learned the word gentrify from … If you want to feed the war pigs, go to youtube to see it… I’m sick of power seekers screwing up the world. The only good line out of it is the Word Gentrify in …

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Twitterville or Troll City : Everyday on the Web


— Twitterville or Troll City — I like the goals of twitter to limit the verboseness and stop boring people, but they’re just another troll breeder machine. Tweets to bring down the birds. Who tweet for the sake of tweeting. Sometimes you need more than a 140 character limit to say what you want to …

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