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What’s on my Mind?

Nothing! Fantasies of conversing with someone, more or less God… my creator, deceiver, and confidant, and also a motivator, truth, and revealer… illusion giver, and delusion giver too. God is a mystery to me, and God should be forever… cause once I know God, I am dead… God is everything Good and Evil, as Isaiah …

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Biotechnology : The Canvas of Life Itself ?

— Biotechnology : The Canvas of Life Itself ? —     A decadent view of life itself. We’re gods, does nothing, but expand the ego, and belittle the world around us. Where we see only ourselves. I believe the premise, that we are gods, but not the premise being displayed here. The fact, that …

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Darkside Details


— Darkside Details : Force has both forces darkness and light —   The darkside gives details of the borders, and points out the differences between the light and darkness. If everything was light, we all would be blind, and if everything was darkness, we all would be blind too. The mix between the two, …

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The Big Picture

— The Big Picture of Life —   The big picture of life in general, covers so much area that the normal human misses the details, that need to be seen, if you ever will come to grips with what’s important. So much get’s buried or assumed to be wrong in the end, that turns …

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