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2Rains – Drip Drip

2Rains – Drip Drip   This song is one that I had a hard time writing, it was another song me and Mike wrote in Alaska around 1997. It’s about lack of inspiration… where inspiration, comes in drips, and not raging like a river. Patience is the key to finding your roots, and the purpose …

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The Reason Why I don’t like Trump : Why Not ?

trump's 100 days

— The Reason Why I don’t like Trump —   The arrogance of assuming 4 years to be 8 years, Trump is making himself King. A self elected fool, looking to con the people. The con is working, and the fools are swimming in a pool of fools.     “Our true nationality is mankind.” …

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Different Realities

— Different Realities —   The thought of everyone alive living in different realities, seems so real, when you look at every politician alive today. They all talk of different views of the same thing. With these views, it’s a wonder, why we ain’t extinct.     And this following video of Trump, isn’t much …

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This Day’s Personal Education

— This Day’s Personal Education — Pluto where are you? Are you a planet of this solar system, or just a dwarf planet, though you have 5 of your own moons, means you have gravity, or the many moons has the gravity, and you are just the moon to a smaller planet than yourself? Well …

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Alone??? Obama is making like a king, he doesn’t want to hear people, he wants us to live in fear. The blowback from the drone warfare is at the borders of America. That will be the headlines for doing a terminator type justice around the world. I live in fear everyday that power goes to …

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