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Inflation or Greed?

2023-01-07 Inflation: Rising Prices Greed: Rising Prices Sanity: Whoa to Rising Prices   What about Left Wing Propaganda?  Which is what this video is. The Stress that comes with Rising Prices, makes our pockets empty, and raise the economic despair factor. Which raises your stress factor, and makes you feel hopeless, when you shop online, …

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Media Programming the Public, is a sort of Brainwashing

Brainwashing or News   We develop info and data onto ourselves in a continuous loop… like a constant repetitive brainwashing system. Like a cellphone, we are constantly looking at to feel intelligent. I’d like to bring to your mind the techniques I’ve come to understand about the media, and their use of dramas to captivate …

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The Traps of Political Ideologies


— The Traps of Political Ideologies: Republicans and Democrats —   The traps of political ideologies, meaning a party name, that we align our nature to. It doesn’t matter if they are virtuous or malicious. The numbers give us security. The meaning that we belong to something bigger, is supposed to give us comfort. The …

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Elections Farces : Elections Forces

elections farces

— Elections Farces : Elections Forces — 10/09/2016 Election farces is a run of the mill everyday event, on the societal stages of the world nowadays. Here in the U.S. we have a stage of wannabe presidents. Who have more experiences of messing things up, if anything. The stages should be full of all the …

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I watched the Movie “Spaceman”


—  The Movie “Spaceman”, and also watched the US debates — 09/28/2016 It was about a left handed pitcher named Bill “Spaceman” Lee. It was actually a true story, even though it was Hollywoodized. It struck a nerve with me, that even in Baseball, they blacklist you. Every profession is made up of a network …

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Democratic Debates Fiasco

— Democratic Debates Fiasco —   I watched the Democratic debates, which was a fiasco, they took a series of ribs at the bigoted Trump on the Republican side. I’m getting a really low score on the Flesch Reading Ease test in my Yoast SEO scores, they must all be Democrats. Here is part 2 …

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Republican 5th Debate


— Republican 5th Debate : The Debates of Fools —   I sat through the 5th Republican debate of 2015, and they said the same things in the previous debates. They want to protect the American people, by killing those who threaten our way of life. It’s the words of thugs, we’ll do the drive …

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Fantasies : Delusional Cages

— Fantasies : Delusional Cages —   Fantasies are either delusional cages like prison cells locking you away from the world, or are creative freedoms to do your work, like a writer. We fantasize everyday, it’s the workplace of imaginations. Everyone does it, whether it’s conversations in front of the mirror, or dreams that we …

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GOP Debates -DNC debates

— GOP Debates -DNC debates —     I watched this, and I was wondering why no democratic debates? I think it’s rigged for the attentions of the voters, it’s for sure the politicians see the voters as fools…cause they go over the same rhetoric since I was born, glorifying this sick nation as a …

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— Gentrify : I just learned a new word —   The video I learned the word gentrify from … If you want to feed the war pigs, go to youtube to see it… I’m sick of power seekers screwing up the world. The only good line out of it is the Word Gentrify in …

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debate session

Does God Have a Future? Debate of Atheists and New Age teachers, it covers the things that I talked about, just the other side of the story. I wanted to be fair, because I understand their point of view, they take it on faith their views that the spirit doesn’t exist. What they don’t know …

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