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Old Journal Entries, before my Stroke

journal entries

— Old Journal Entries, before my Stroke in 2004 —   About a year and a half before my stroke, I came across this in my journals. I’m not a constant journal writer, but I do tend to have my moments to write down my thoughts for therapeutic value. Hopefully, for the reader too.   …

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Election’s the Big Global Scam


— Election’s the Big Global Scam : Fresh New Scams every year — 10/17/2016 Every year we go through an election of scammers and spammers. Who lie to make us feel better on voting for them. The lying is becoming a norm, and we are excepting them. We are being conditioned like some psychological experiment. …

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Elections Farces : Elections Forces

elections farces

— Elections Farces : Elections Forces — 10/09/2016 Election farces is a run of the mill everyday event, on the societal stages of the world nowadays. Here in the U.S. we have a stage of wannabe presidents. Who have more experiences of messing things up, if anything. The stages should be full of all the …

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Reflections on the Day

— Reflections on the Day —   I just joined another social networking site, Minds.com… hopefully I will succeed in understanding the whole social networking phenomena, or it will be another one I quit. It’s all encrypted, but you have to turn it on, and in the future they plan to offer domain hosting. They …

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Thank You For Being My Dad

— Happy Father’s Day , Dad —   Happy Father’s Day to all the Fathers out there.   We grow up missing our Fathers that left this world, and some we wish the hell that they deserve and not deserve. I’m grateful for the Father I had in this world, and want to pass on …

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IRS day

— IRS day —   The end of this video goes on longer than I liked, but everyone likes it longer. It talks about the Tax deadline, and it gets a bad rap. They pay my way through this world, but I would rather get a job, but I’ve become quite unsociable with all the …

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