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Looking Back is the Road to Repentance

  The Pasts of our Lives is where Repentance Alley lives. We regret making certain choices, and we need to look back, to map out our mistakes to make successful choices in the future… but be aware of your ego, which is our connection to God, the divine, and all the evil lives there too. …

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The Diverse Interconnected World

diverse interconnected world

— The Diverse Interconnected World : A Convoluted Mess —   The diversity of the world could be a convoluted mess, or a more complex intricate beauty. It came into my mind today when I looked at this video about Portland cement. I saw everything was interconnected with each other, about the thousandth time in …

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Old Journal Entries, before my Stroke

journal entries

— Old Journal Entries, before my Stroke in 2004 —   About a year and a half before my stroke, I came across this in my journals. I’m not a constant journal writer, but I do tend to have my moments to write down my thoughts for therapeutic value. Hopefully, for the reader too.   …

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MOTH : Matters of the Heart to Me – 2


— MOTH : Matters of the Heart to Me – 2 —   The Matters of the Heart to me is the MOTH, and it entails all the ups and downs of life. The positives that will lead to the negativity eventually. It’s critical thinking taken to the extremes. It’s about life in general, and …

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Freedom to Defend our Freedoms


— Freedom to Defend our Freedoms : From Govt Tyranny —   Trump is sweet talking to the military industrial complex of supporting their defenses of freedom, which is caging our freedoms.  Promising them of new equipment to do their work. He raises the homeland pride into a nationalistic frenzy. It seems, that we’ve never …

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The Mind of Tomidjah … It’s Dark and Bright


— The Mind of Tomidjah … It’s Dark and Bright —   I feel like the twisters in this soul of Tomidjah, is tearing me apart. I’m an egocentric narcissist right now. I’m sworn to truth before God. It takes a toll on my body and my mind, which is me in total. The weather …

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We’re Here to Connect… To What is What I Question


— We’re Here to Connect… To What is What I Question —   I saw this Trailer Collateral Beauty. Though I don’t know what it’s about. The quote “we’re here to connect”, left me questioning, to what?     I‘m left to assume the story by the preview with my imagination. Imaginations can lie, or …

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DSKNECTD – A Social Site Study

— DSKNECTD – A Social Site Study —   I saw this documentary called DSKNECTD, and it sent me into space again to get away from the local politics of this nation’s imperfections running for offices of power. I would rather daydream and imagine, then listen to liars and fools. The fact that social media …

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Anna Graceman – Dust

Anna Graceman – Dust – Graceman Band Version   We can thank YouTube for this post on “Dust”. I see it in all my browsing feeds. Like, they want me to comment on it. So I bite the fishing hook, and I bite the line, cause I have the ability to be wrong, as much …

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Sound of Silence is Darkness

sound of silence

— Sound of Silence is Darkness in Complicity —   The sound of silence is more what the politicians need to do, instead of they’re sticking their feet in their mouths. In fact, sometimes multiple times. The egos battle daily between each other, when they’re totally ignorant with the swinging of the conjectural weapons. That …

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Light and Dark

— Light and Darkness : the Contrast that Details the Big Picture —   The two extremes brings the picture alive with details, that are lost with too much light, or too much darkness. When there is balance in the view between the two extremes, the details jump out at you, giving a clear view …

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“Expanding Our Perception” of Now

-Perceptions of the Now- The thought of capturing the moments of the now without bloodshed, is a blessed moment, and should be cherished by all. I almost went into a rant, but the now doesn’t need to be tainted by the ranting of fools that think they will change the world with their ranting that …

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