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Copyright? Is it right or wrong?

— Copyright? Is it right or wrong? —     To protect the Artist, it’s right, but to protect the profits of the media companies, it’s wrong. They make the artists to sign away their songs from being shared. It’s in their contracts, in fine print along with the many more pages of doublespeak. It’s …

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All Artists make Contracts with UNRESTRICTED Sharing

— Attention: All Artists —   All artist’s, preferably Music artists, this is directed at you, cause you lock up your songs by companies that lock up your songs, as their property. You need to free up your songs, so they can be played off of youtube. I’m tired of VEVO and all the other …

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Copyright Parasites

— Copyright Parasites —     Sony,WMG,etc etc… They seem to clog up the youtube traffic from playing on other sites. They must have youtube scripts that must have the traffic sniffing on youtube servers, so goes youtube’s reputation.   “YouTube is a video-sharing website”   What happened to the sharing freely, they are tying …

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