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Any Law Passed to an Establishment of Religion

establishment of religion

— An Executive Order Passed as an Establishment of Religion —     It’s unconstitutional, and voiced with disdain. The road ahead is dark, instead of bright and promising. It’s filled with fears, instead of hopes.   “The purpose of separation of church and state is to keep forever from these shores the ceaseless strife …

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PBS Non-Profit Corporation

— PBS Non-Profit Corporation —   I went to look for PBS’ production of their NOVA:Rise of the Hackers, I saw it and thought it was good. Again I butt heads with PBS, this is DailyMotion.com, it uses Adobe Flash, so it’s not to be trusted as secure, but you see it at least. I …

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Snowden in the Forecast

— Snowden in the Forecast, or the Post cast  —   This was posted this year, a couple of months ago… it is post about 2 years after the fact, and not clouded with conjectures, it’s both sides of the story. It may be edited with a bias for Edward Snowden, but it gives both …

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Obama’s Transparency

— Obama’s Transparency —   Obama’s govt transparency was what he promised in 2008, and now almost 7+ years later there is more secrecy than before. At least with Bush there was arrogance that was masked with national security denying truth, but with Obama he masks the truth, as if it wasn’t alive, and smothers …

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