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Studio One 6

Day 2 I downloaded and installed Studio One 6. Making your own Click Track And I saw this in making my own click track, with certain sounds of drums… it gives it feeling, instead of the bland counting of measures. It’s what I always wanted with a DAW, and I’m sure other DAWs have that …

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Anna Graceman – The Artist

This is my favorite song of what you done, it made me think of my own life, and what I’ve done… I too paint in colors, with the world as my canvas. “The Artist” is poignant to my feelings, that I felt all my life, and hope there is a light at the end of …

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Biotechnology : The Canvas of Life Itself ?

— Biotechnology : The Canvas of Life Itself ? —     A decadent view of life itself. We’re gods, does nothing, but expand the ego, and belittle the world around us. Where we see only ourselves. I believe the premise, that we are gods, but not the premise being displayed here. The fact, that …

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