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C’set La Vie

Joey Harkum I remember, I sang like this too. Chords and Lyrics Here It was a long time ago, I was only armed with an acoustic guitar, and became delusional seeking fame and riches, and being idolized for being a rock star… I had to have a stroke to come to my true senses. I’ve …

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War Deniability

— War Deniability —   Wartime deniability is running rampant throughout the world, with collateral damages everywhere, and deniability is running alongside the collateral damages, claiming they didn’t do it. They’re “bombs did it”, and the people shouldn’t live next to their targets. It’s like the NRA saying their guns don’t kill people, it’s the …

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Drones and Patent Trolls

— Drones and Patent Trolls —   We kill our own, in drone strikes in January, and we find out about it 3 months later. No one is killed with precise drone strikes, but the terrorists. What about the hostages, or innocent children standing nearby? I’m dead set against drone strikes, making killing like playing …

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