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I Won’t Be Programmed.

The Casino Games In Life, War and Destruction. “… The reconstruction of Gaza, And put real money into the game…” — Matthew Miller I won’t be programmed is a reference to Siteground’s or some other hacker censoring of my words, there’s an astronomical number of variable for the causes, but I had to change the …

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Indifference is reflections of the Black Mirror

black mirror

— Indifference is reflections of the Black Mirror —   I just binge watched the Black Mirror. Season 4 and half of 3, and was left with a weight of indifference that made me think about life, to the point of not caring. Also there was Matt Damon look alike, named Jesse Plemons. He was …

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Smartphones, Flipphones, and No Phones


— Smartphones, Flipphones, and No Phones —       I had a flipPhone, then I bought a smartphone, and felt dumb, and I usually called people unaware of how to hang it up. The FlipPhone all I had to do was close it, and it was hung up. People just said push a red …

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Santa Realities


— Santa Realities : Delusional Pleasures —   I remember the Christmas Eve that Santa was revealed a phony. I got up to see if the presents arrived when I was 4 or 3, and my parents were in the kitchen with my Grandparents, and they were partying or just talking, and under the tree …

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— Thanksgiving? Why? —   Thanksgiving and Squanto, ours is not to question why, but to do and die… with a smile on our faces. Thanksgiving was a time for family gatherings around the dinner table, and feasting with love and thanksgiving in our hearts. Now it’s a consumerist holiday, making the way for the …

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