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My God, is Everyone’s God.

My God, is the God of Abraham, which makes it, the God inside all of US. This is my sermon for today, about the almighty God… and my deductions in trying to find God, and God once breathed into us, and we became a living soul… so, we are souls, God didn’t give us souls, …

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Jews for Jesus : One for Israel Ministry

jews for jesus

— Jews for Jesus : One for Israel Ministry —     I came across this Jews for Jesus by  One for Israel ministry on youtube. It’s a bunch of Jews testifying of accepting Jesus into their lives, and learning that Jesus was a Jew also. I became marveled at my memory of him being …

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Killing Jesus infinitely

— Killing Jesus Infinitely —   The first five minutes of “Killing Jesus”  written by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard, which is expected to debut tomorrow, we killed him over 100 times in the movies, it’s like our obsession with watching snuff films over and over. We watch our sins murdering a sacred individual, over …

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Anti-Islam a new Crusades


— Anti-Islam a new Crusades —   Anti-Islam is a new crusade mentality being formed in the minds of Europe now, it’s the same confusing details from history that we haven’t learned from. The Charlie Hebdo shootings are just the fuel to the fire of hateful mentality, we need to grasp the urgency of the …

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