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Coerced Journalism vs Free Press.

I Sat Through Hours of Highlights On CSPAN Hearings That Deal With Free Press or Fee Press Doing the Blog writing, I’ve been searching the truth in mainstream media, and finding nothing but propaganda, and manipulating the minds of the people. I’m all for the truth, but the propaganda is my enemy… it’s a deceptive …

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Words are Eaten, and Go into the Digestion Cycle

With Thoughts, We Digest the Words, into Poops Again. It’s a neverending cycle, we eat BS, and think about it, and then BS to others… it’s been going on like that, since time began. Words = Poops I guess I can theorize on that thought, until my time runs out, and I fall asleep/passageways/expire, and …

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Work you Would do for Free

— Work you Would do for Free — I saw this movie called Waffle Street, and he was a financial advisor that worked for a firm on wall street, and made a bad deal, and was laid off… the thought of work you would do for free flew out the window, only to return at …

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