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Determinism and Free Will…they Both Exist!

Determinism and Free Will   Life is itself, an illusion. Those things that make up that illusion, are illusions in themselves. We all live in our little bubbles. Free will exists as an illusion of choice, and determinism is the devil’s tool of testing. You can fight the testing by making a choice, or you …

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Dark Horses and Light Horses, Battling


— Dark Horses and Light Horses, Battling For Victory —   Horses are compared to our egos, in our going through our global society. Ego’s start wars and seek to survive from ridicule’s torment. It’s our defenses from failure. I’ve been a failure all my life, so I recognize poor losers. They have made successes …

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Legions of Anonymous Followers

— Legions of Anonymous Followers : Radical Followers —     Though I agree with Anonymous, I see it as another party that wants control of your minds. It’s the seeds of corruption again, calling you to blame the govt. Know that what you judge, will judge you again in the end. It’s a vicious …

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Delusions of Fame and Fortune


— Delusions of Fame and Fortune : A personal story —   Delusions with a gain, like fame and fortune are always a trap, much like the mousetraps of today. With the bait and trap, and if it’s not death, it is a wicked pain to say the least.   I did commercials when I …

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Goodbye Petrodollar RIP


— Goodbye Petrodollar RIP : 2016, or at least predicted to die — 02/07/2016 by Tomidjah We Are Change   I learned of the petrodollar as the reason of the invasions of Iraq and Libya. I don’t know when I learned of it, I’m guessing before my stroke in 2004. I learned a lot more …

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