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Sex in Digital Interactive Games


— Sex in Digital Interactive Games —   I remember first thinking of sex with the naked models, when I first saw them in magazines in the prepuberty ages. Playboy, Hustler, and any other skin magazine I saw them in. Being in the heat of puberty, it doesn’t rationalize with a reasoning mind. It just …

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Elections Farces : Elections Forces

elections farces

— Elections Farces : Elections Forces — 10/09/2016 Election farces is a run of the mill everyday event, on the societal stages of the world nowadays. Here in the U.S. we have a stage of wannabe presidents. Who have more experiences of messing things up, if anything. The stages should be full of all the …

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I watched the Movie “Spaceman”


—  The Movie “Spaceman”, and also watched the US debates — 09/28/2016 It was about a left handed pitcher named Bill “Spaceman” Lee. It was actually a true story, even though it was Hollywoodized. It struck a nerve with me, that even in Baseball, they blacklist you. Every profession is made up of a network …

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Congress’ Job is to Read the Bills

— Congress’ Job is to Read the Bills, that it Passes —   I saw this documentary on the congress’ job called “Fools on the Hill”, and it discussed the incompetence of our Congress and Senate. Also, they get along vacations too. They don’t even read the bills that they pass on our backs, like …

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TPP fails with The House

— TPP fails with The House —   The bill fails with the House today, which stalls its progress on the Fast Track.   “…Republican leaders then passed, in a 219-to-211 vote, a stand-alone bill that would grant the president the trade negotiating authority he sought. But that measure cannot go to the president for …

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