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Spinning the Press Spinsters into Oblivion


— Spinning the Press Spinsters into Oblivion — 10/05/2016 The Spinning is the editorial messes, mixing the facts with small talk, thus diluting the truth. Spinning like a twister causing destruction, or like a gentle breezes, causing you comfort. Watch those gentle breezes, they make you complacent, and not aware of what’s coming. So much …

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US politics and World Trade


— US politics and World Trade : The interactions between the two —   It seems U.S. Politics and elections seem to distract focus of what’s going on in the world today. Trump is taking center stage, along with Hilllary Clinton’s scandals of the email debacle on her on personal server. Those are covering up …

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Snowden in the Forecast

— Snowden in the Forecast, or the Post cast  —   This was posted this year, a couple of months ago… it is post about 2 years after the fact, and not clouded with conjectures, it’s both sides of the story. It may be edited with a bias for Edward Snowden, but it gives both …

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— Intimacy Primacy —  Primacy is the objective goal, and intimacy is that goal. I tried to be romantic about the title, it sounds like I’m being flippant about it, but I assure you I’m not. We all seek someone that can relate to our feelings, that is intimacy to me, they don’t have to …

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