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Daesh-it #2

— Daeshit #2 —   There is some old stock footage from a couple of months, but this is supposed to be Daesh today   I want to start this piece on Daesh in Libya, it has begun with the power vacuum as their cover, as their masks covers their shames. It will be only …

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Stop calling them ISIL…call them IS or ISIS

— ISIL or ISIS? —   I may be stupid, but giving the name of including all the Mediterranean, is asking them to invade other countries. I think the conspiracy theorists might be right, I see the president and the news people refer to them as ISIL. Right now they are in Syria, you make …

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ISIS is pissing me off

ISIS is pissing me off, they talk like they have a right to cut people’s heads off. This evil act they say they have God‘s blessing in it, I see it as God’s cursing in it. When people call cursing as a blessing, I know it’s a scam. Where people sell waterfront property, it’s a …

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