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Weeds or Wild Flowers


What Determines a Weed?   The world today is quick to call wildflowers weeds, cause they don’t know the use of yet. It’s easier to call them weeds, and let them be done with it. This what my lawn would look like, and the noxious weed officers gave me a warning that I had to …

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Youtube Feed 1/21/2016

— Youtube Feed 1/21/2016 —     This is a story of bees, or the replacements, if the bees go extinct. What ever it is, it’s sparks thoughts on the subject. Save the bees, or we will be invaded by the robot bees.         I always wondered about this, and it brings …

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Bees Buzzing up a Storm in my Mind

Bees Buzzing up a Storm in my Mind Do you ever feel like a bee going from flower to flower spreading the pollen from each flower you visit? I had a thought of socializing with the world to be like that, we share and grow with each person we meet, much like the plants need …

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Zombie Bees

Zombie Bees   I saw this bee movie and now they have an enemy, a “zombie” Phoridae Fly which lays eggs in the bee, and the bee leaves the hive at night, and goes and dies, going towards the night lights like moths. An article of the Bees dying ABC News Article saying the bees …

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