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Inflation, is Here To Stay.

Anybody Have a Room to Stay for Inflation. The things don’t look good for the banks, and how the Fed manages money is even more shaky… I see the US in debt, which can change at an instant, so what we’re not expecting, can manage to engulf us in bankruptcy galore with everyone, consumers, banking, …

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Central Bank Digital Currency(CBDC)

  The New US $(Dollar), It’s Digital and Programmable, and it’s under the Control of the US Govt I wonder how it transitions from cash, to digitally buying materials, and what is bought, and it can be programmed towards to not buying things, frozen in the progression of a retail transaction. The CBDC is the …

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The Traps of Political Ideologies


— The Traps of Political Ideologies: Republicans and Democrats —   The traps of political ideologies, meaning a party name, that we align our nature to. It doesn’t matter if they are virtuous or malicious. The numbers give us security. The meaning that we belong to something bigger, is supposed to give us comfort. The …

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“False Freedom Isn’t Free”

— False Freedom Isn’t Free — I understand freedom is not free, when it’s a false freedom, delusional living in it’s own world freedom being fed trinkets of freedom by consumerism to fortify the delusion. We pay taxes to the federal govt, and in turn they start wars for us to die in… we all …

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