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Words are Eaten, and Go into the Digestion Cycle

With Thoughts, We Digest the Words, into Poops Again. It’s a neverending cycle, we eat BS, and think about it, and then BS to others… it’s been going on like that, since time began. Words = Poops I guess I can theorize on that thought, until my time runs out, and I fall asleep/passageways/expire, and …

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It’s Worst, Than You Thought

AI   Art & Photo Generators It makes Art easier for the artist, or someone who is not an artist at all… and can manipulate photos at will and blend them to create new art… with AI anything is possible. This is an AI Pixabay image with a snow scene, it saved me from wasting …

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It’s Up To You

    This is the first song that we all wrote a line…maybe not. My sister saved this song and stored it in her basement, it’s slower than the original version. With Audacity the digital recording software, it made the songs slower, sometimes a full minute slower,  this song by 30 seconds slower.  I’m thankful …

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Many Horses Pull My Chariot

Firey Horse

Many Horses Pull My Chariot   I‘ll talk about the team of horses that pull me through this life. My existence is the chariot, and the horses that pull me through this life are many, without number.   Understanding is the first horse, that I have given charge to pulling my chariot. Love is  the …

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Algorithms Shower

Algorithms Shower Your Brains I was watching Elementary today, and Sherlock said something about brainwashing to the FBI agent, that hit a nerve with me. I couldn’t let it go into oblivion. I can’t quote him, since I can’t find the episode’s scene on youtube, but that’s how it started where Sherlock is confronting his …

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Illusory Dreams

illusory dreams

— Illusory Dreams —   I wake from illusory dreams to reality everyday, as we all do. It’s where we gain our strength, and get a respite from reality’s burdens. We seek a solemn peace, that is like a spider’s web from delusions to illusions. We are stuck in fantasies. I’m a long winded fool, …

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Constant Sorrow

— Constant Sorrow — Ralph Stanley recorded the Song “Man of Constant Sorrow” in the 50’s, and I chose that version, cause all the modern versions are played along those lines.  You know the person was partially blind that wrote this song a “man of constant sorrow”, labeled “Farewell Song” in a music book of …

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Ecstasy of Art: Interpretation of Life

Interpretation of Life in the ecstasy of Art I came across this in the morning, he seems to have a crush on Ernest Becker, I didn’t read him, but he seems wise with these little trips accompanying Jason Silva. “The artist takes in the world, but instead of being oppressed by it, he reworks it …

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Frustrations or just depressed?

I was loaded with frustrations today. I woke up which is frustrating everyday…another day on the planet earth. You see people complaining over the same things everyday, and not being grateful for what they have, they look to conquer and divide the spoils from the resources they have or mine from the earth. I’m complaining …

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