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Alphabet/Google/Youtube is Censoring the Truth

This is What they’re Censoring Maybe the Israeli Lobby had a problem with it, and finds it to contain false info, but the Israelis had been responsible for it, and bogus intelligence feeding us to invade Iraq in 2003. We went Afghanistan first, but they feared Iraq, and they said go to invade Iraq. Power …

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Daesh #3

— Daesh #3 : Against the World Collectively —   The UN held a vote today, but still calls it ISIL … The French calls it Daesh. We have many names we can use to name the merciless, after they claim to serve a most merciful God… if you are willing to pay cash, to …

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The Big Picture

— The Big Picture of Life —   The big picture of life in general, covers so much area that the normal human misses the details, that need to be seen, if you ever will come to grips with what’s important. So much get’s buried or assumed to be wrong in the end, that turns …

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Over 2000 dead from landslide in Afghanistan today

The story of today took me by surprise, more death…in a world of death. Destruction gone wild, and the rains brought it on. A mountain without trees is in danger of landslide, and it happened again. This time in Afghanistan. More HERE