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KODI Something Like the XBMC

KODI got its start as an add-on for the XBOX, but progressed as an app that controls  hardware. I just got into media centers with PLEX, and I just found out about KODI, and it seems far more superior than PLEX. I get thumbnails to all my media with KODI. I’ll  wait and see what …

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Brave ??? I wonder if it’s another fake ad

— Brave ??? I wonder if it’s another fake ad —   It is another attempt at ripping us off, or telling us the raw truth. It says it’s faster than other browsers, when I install it, I’ll give it a review.     Well, I installed it, and the my hope were crushed of …

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Technology Invasion

— Technology Invasion —     The constant technology invasion of our lives, wanting control over the info, that makes up our lives. The retention of that info, makes you less than human. Without that device, you seem lost, and you can’t recall the info without it. The human mind marries technology, or it is …

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