Stunning Emotions



“I want the kids to have their own opinions and be able to support it. They need to think critically. If all you teach them is to regurgitate, it will not help them in life.”
— Alisha Valenzuela


We go through this life being led by emotions, the shock and awe of emotions that debilitate our intellects, such as fear and love.
We are led by impulses rather than fully functional decisions made by intelligent rationalizations.

Zombies are led by impulses, cause they don’t have their own pulses, they need a reason to exist…the media is their pulse, it pumps the blood from their hearts; the media is the circulatory system of the world.

The diseases of the circulatory system, can be made comparisons with the media.
I’m sure if you look at the things of the world with the reality of extremes and shallowness alike, you will be enlightened.

We all know fear and love are the most stunning and mysterious of emotions: dangerous and the most rewarding.

Fear is a raising of an awareness, and making the impulse more stronger, more reflexive…but it is more dangerous, if you make the wrong move, and more rewarding, if you make the right move.
Love is the same, it’s more dangerous, if you make the wrong move, and more rewarding, if you make the right move.

Emotions are very complex, they control us to the point of complete disarray or comfort us to complete relaxation, there are many more emotions, such as Anger, and a host of others that never have been made into a coherent list, that everyone agrees on …in other words, there’s no universal list.

Anger is more overpowering than subtle, it can cause fear in others, I don’t know about its mysteries, so I will skip over it, till I better understand it, anger management is my problem, to say the least.

Pride is another emotion for some, but I see it, as an extreme liar of the subconscious, it’s capable of extreme love or extreme deception, there is no extreme clear border with pride, from deception to love.
It’s always moving, to disguise its position in the world, sometimes it’s extremely edifying, and sometimes it’s totally destroying.
Whenever the patriotism cloak is displayed, the pride rides like a king among the people, whenever the patriotism cloak is stolen, pride is portrayed as a beggar in the streets.

Emotions are our gateway to understand this world, the gifts that we don’t appreciate, cause we are lazy or ignorant of, no matter the cause, emotions need to be understood.
When there is understanding there is enlightenment, and more enlightenment to come.
Enlightenment disperses confusion, and darkness…too much enlightenment is dangerous too, it can wash out what needs to be seen, which is the danger of pride.
If you don’t see a wrong that was committed by you, you are apt to make it again, and history repeats itself.

Everything I learned from this world I stole/shared from your writers before, and I’m not a footnote writer, so if you want to see me as arrogant, then take my points, cause I give them with love in mind and heart… I just share with the world, to some, it is new, but honestly who has had a new thought or word in the last ten-thousand years, it’s all regurgitated nourishment of ideas and language?