Stop calling them ISIL…call them IS or ISIS

— ISIL or ISIS? —


I may be stupid, but giving the name of including all the Mediterranean, is asking them to invade other countries.

I think the conspiracy theorists might be right, I see the president and the news people refer to them as ISIL. Right now they are in Syria, you make them to invade Lebanon and Jordan, by referring them to ISIL( Islamic State of Iraq and Levant ).

Which the Levant is including all the eastern Mediterranean countries , ISIS is only referring to where they are now, Iraq and Syria.

But every news report is referring to them as ISIL, it’s challenging to take that place, to occupy all the eastern Mediterranean countries. It is setting up for self defeat, which I see as stupid.

They beheaded another soldier from the “Kurdish peshmerga fighter as a warning to Kurds in Iraq.” after they executed 250 Syrian soldiers, they are out of control, they thirst power, and when the human condition thirsts power, they are corruption at the peak. They distort what they do and claim the righteousness as their blessing, when they want power to establish a caliphate.

I’m at my wits end, as you chopped my head off with each head you cut off and claiming your doing God‘s will. I don’t want to know your God, your god is the devil to me.

May you enjoy your time in Hell, cause that’s what I see sown here…may you reap in sorrow.