Social Sites,A Question I look to Answer

— Social Sites , is a Question that I look to Answer —


I look and look into the question of social sites, but I find no answer.

I won’t give up. I’ll keep on looking.


Keep On Looking

– Backing Vocals Lynn Voorhees, and Mike McFee on drums


I find the idea of connecting is a promising one, but the corruptive decay of greed by the corporations are tainting my reviews of the social sites.

FB is the main leader of the social sites, but they’re are in the pockets of the corporations, and their advertising spam.

So they control the news feeds with algorithms that supply you with the data they choose to manipulate your clicks. I would like the news feeds supplied with all my friend’s unedited by algorithmic news.

It’s true, I get sick with all the narcissistic drama of my friends, but that’s me… or my self narcissistic drama.

This by Jason Silva of Shots of Awe, talking on social media this way. It’s a convoluted way of thinking of social media, though I can see it, at least half of the time.




FB is FascistBook

I see, I need more time to come up with something constructive on the feedback of the social scene sites. There are a number of them that were born and died. FB is still going strong, but I feel they’ve gotten involved with more than they could handle. I see many have labeled them FascistBook. I agree with them many times from what I’ve seen. The corporations rule the inner workings of FB.

Advertising is always supplied by what you click. They study you and what your interests are, and supply the data to manipulate your next click.

That’s what always disgusted me about advertising. They justify their manipulations with lies upon more lies. The water is so murky, that you don’t see it is a cesspool for drinking water… the waters are so cloudy, that you don’t see the turds floating by.

That’s what always annoyed me about FB, the corporate sewer plant running the news feeds. They try to sweeten the deals, and they only sweeten their deaths.


I like the idea of FB, to connect with old friends that you haven’t seen in over half your life, but there is the danger of the delusions, that they’re the same people. They are, but their experiences that they’ve gone through, influences what they are now, thus changing them into something that you don’t like.

They are always the young kids that you knew, but after hearing what they went through the experiences made them cold and unfeeling. I went through major shit too, and left me unfeeling and cold too. I’m sure I seem a major headache to some, but I’m arrogant and shrug off their judgments. The FB way, shrug it off, and look at yourself. So that yourself is the major focus, and what they think doesn’t matter.

I see that philosophy being fed on FB.


Arrogance festers in the Dramas

Arrogance is running amuck on FB. It shines, and spreads with every self righteous statement. The dramas that spread are as sickening with every newborn baby that is showcased about a 1000 to 10,000 times, and even more. I’m not anti-children, but you can like that picture forever, and they keep coming. They’re looking for confirmation, it seems.

I guess the women are like that, and need that interaction. That’s a mystery to me, as with all of life.

So, I’ll take another vacation from FB. It seems they took away the option of leaving FB for good, and deleting my account, but it might be there, if I have time to look. Time is running out for me, and I’ve never succeeded at anything I chose to do.


Cancer of the Social Sites

My rock star days are behind me now, or I should say failed rock star days. When I was a young kid doing my Tom Cruise impressions, before Tom Cruise did Risky Business singing and dancing. I think I did my dancing during the early 70’s.

I get a new growth on my skin, that I assume is cancerous that I kill with hydrogen peroxide and basic baking powder, and it goes away. There must be another source besides the sun. I eat a lot of bread products. It’s coming from inside.

Anyway, that’s my wandering social moment where I go off on tangents.


I think we have to connect to live in a world with everyone pushing their views on the public.

We just have to share without pressure that they have to look at the subject your way. They may be looking at it from the other side of the world, where they have a different perspective of it. It may be the same subject, and it might be their perspectives give you a clearer picture of the same subject.

I understand the need to connect, and unless you’re a social hermit, but they need to be a part of this world too.

I need to think more on this subject of the Social Sites before I come up with a conclusion… I see the benefits, but I see the dangers too. It’s like the story of native Americans feeding the two wolves inside of yourself.

Which one will you feed?

When I’m angry, I’m feeding the bad Wolf. When I’m happy, I’m feeding the good wolf.

Peace to you all.