Slow Down

I wish I didn’t See

the Stems Videos
of the MPC devices

It hasn’t been developed yet, as a working feature until this month sometime… I was looking for it, and exporting the separations Drums, Bass, Melodic, and Vocals… so it should be on the new devices…

I can explode the tracks into stems, so the drum tracks go into separate tracks for DAWs, but I have a lot of my old songs, that need a facelift, and make it sound more modern… like makeup for an old hag.

I wish I never saw this.

It’s in the development stage, as we speak, and I have a lot of problems accessing my profile account for Akai Pro, and it’s somewhere in there, because I registered a used MPC Live2 on it, and I made an account then… or I made an account with them, when I bought the other AKAI keyboards the Akai MPK 225, I bought it for the aftertouch feature, cause I’m a cripple, and can’t use footpedals.

Before this madness of trying to chain me to their wall of research… like a lab rat.
I choose freedom to wander at my free will through the MPC maze, and learn how to do it myself.
They need to make a map/schematic of the menu systems, cause some of us can understand it better that way… I need a map, or I get lost in the deep dive menus.

I think I solved the problem with different passwords, and my email…
Need to wait 15 minutes, so it goes back to normal, cause I made a few times of trying to failing log in…
I still can’t access my account with the logins, it keeps telling me my password or email is wrong… I need to add the special character to both of the passwords I have saved.

I went there when I got the used Akai MPC Live2… which was a couple of weeks ago… and the Akai MPC 37 Keys is arriving today, and I need to register it to activate it… which is a weird way of doing it.
I bought the system, and I need to activate it?
Why isn’t cash enough to activate it?

Well, I’m signed in… I worked out the reasoning with the different passwords, cause I had 2 sign ins in the Firefox list of sign ins… one with my email, and one without the email, and I had to use the copy without the email.

It’s a sad world with the paranoia syndrome, it brings up the Kinks song Destroyer.

Or the song Paranoia by Black Sabbath in the 70’s…

Well, I’m done with expressing my anger.