Scriptures : the Balancing Game

— Scriptures : the Balancing Game —


book-623163_640The scriptures of the Abrahamic religions are an off shoot of the pre-Abrahamic scriptures from another ancient region, but they all deal with understanding the Spirit. Which is as mysterious as the word Spirit itself. They only confuse the people from understanding, and set them against one another, with wars and different interpretations.

I’m having a problem with the PHP course, so I figured I’d take a break, and what better way then to rant about the cause… so I go to the core of the problem, it goes back in time to the ancients.

If you been following me, you know I’m a spiritual Christian, and don’t align myself to any one religion, though I was baptized a Catholic by birth, but lost faith in Catholicism at a very young age. I studied the bible on my own, but for a year before I read the bible, I sat with God, and talked to God like a friend, before I realized that he was not a he, nor was God a she.

“God is a Spirit.”

Well, when I read the bible for the first time, it did nothing, but confirm all my conversations with the Spirit of God in the year before, and I was constantly saying “you said that, God”. So I didn’t have to read that, cause the spirit taught me that.

I learned that God was Spirit from the bible, at least, and the stupidity of mankind, at most. So I guess God needed that, so I could meditate on the scriptures to teach me more of what God wanted me to learn.

That was before I learned the bad side uses the spirit too, and deceives the listener too. You have to be sincere and truthful in seeking the Spirit, or you get the tester of lies… which is the devil. Remember that God created evil too, so why shouldn’t God share with evil, as God shares with you.

When I was 5 years old, I went to College, like the first time I was 5, I began kindergarten, it wasn’t that much different, cause I went through the same feelings. The ignorant foolish decisions, but I had God to counsel me, though I always had God talking to me, but I learned more of what God was, the second time I was born.

I was reborn at 19 years old, and now I’m 57 years old, and like the early flesh life, you don’t always get what you want, but you always get what you need. The choruses of that song, deserve the message, the verses are a little shaky.

Like growing up again in the teen years, I had to go through the same shit, but this time knowing that God was real.

God played a distant light on the horizon for me, and every morning God came back in the east, which meant to keep changing where I looked for God.

Mankind is subjective to time, but God isn’t.

It gets confusing all the time to say God, I’m not one for flowery words to describe the indescribable, and that seems to be the purpose of Scriptures, to bring us closer to God, but I find that the scriptures are nothing to bring us closer, but raising the differences in the interpretations of God’s words.

When are we going to figure out God is as vast as the universe, and what we see and understand of God, is not what someone else sees and understands of God. You don’t see the different perspective that the other sees.

If God is checkerboarded and you only see one square, cause that’s all your mind could understand of God, and unless the one on the other side of the world is seeing the same square as you, then there is bound to be a disagreement. Black and white is very different…and religions are always seeing black and white.

We have 3 different books all saying the same thing, witnessing of the same God, but the interpretations are very different. They all carry the violence of God, but the violence of God is done by the hands of man. So I tend to think God is not that violent, or we would be extinct to say the least, it’s mankind with the real anger management issue.

You need to conquer your own soul with the anger management issues, before you witness of God.

Anger is what God causes you to have, and is your problem is not everyone else’s problem. God gave it to you, to figure it out, not the world.

Every scripture speaks of God dishing it out, but God doesn’t need man to display God’s power of anger with violence. I mean I’ve gotten mad at the incompetence of someone doing a shitty job, but I never would take a knife to their throat and cut his/her head off, and claim it’s God’s will. It’s more like my will, if I wanted to be honest to a fault.

There are many scriptures of the numerous other religions too, I’m only addressing the Abrahamic religions, but all are tainted with egos, some good and decorative, but some bad and destructive too.

Ego is a touchy subject, almost as touchy as religion.

Ego to me is the house that we live in, and we paint that house any color that we want. Whether it’s white, pink or purple, green, or even black. It’s in our hands to paint it whatever color that we want, but a black house will absorb the heat of the sun, so keep that in mind when your sweating in the heat of summer.

Ego is tainted by desire and pride, ego is led by pride, and desires are deceptive.

We know mankind is sinful, so how pure were the writers of the scriptures, since no man is without sin?

We can forgive egos out of control, but those horses/egos caused a lot of destruction on this world. God is not in that, mankind is in that, God is indirectly in that, but not caused by God. It’s caused by mankind’s sins.

It depends on your perspective of God, it matters more that everyone will see a different side of God, cause God is as vast as the whole universe. We didn’t know before 19th century that there were other Galaxies to the universe, as we gathered better telescopes, we get more details to view of this vast universe, we can only speculate and we know that is capable of errors.

Don’t assume and you will not be an ass… my motto.

Well, thanks for letting me blow off steam, know that you’re not alone in this arrogant indifferent world, we all are suffering from greed’s senseless desires and lack of love, but we needn’t get mad and not control it, and chop off someone’s body parts, to express that your mad.



Below is some videos I used to start this rant.


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