Sandboxing in Windows


and Build your own Laptop/Tower


This is an article about virtual machining(Sandboxing) on your Windows computer, I think it should be on Windows 11 Home edition by default, in fact every OS, including Mac and Linux too.

I downloaded Oracle’s Virtual Box here, it includes other downloads for Mac, Linux Distros, and some other servers, and the free opensource Sandboxie Plus it’s only for windows home editions.

I’ll try and install them later tonight, on my other laptops with more room of free space on the hard drive.
I’m doing this for you the reader of my blog… it’s what I wanted to share with you.

If you got a lot of money to burn a hole in your pocket, then go here to build your own production mobile/towers with Puget Systems professional experts, with clean Windows installs… it’s a bit spendy, but you can save your builds, I saved 3… 1 laptop, 1 mid-tower, and 1 extreme tower… you have to create an account first.

Well, I’ll order one from them, when I want to empty my wallet.
It’s my next move, they know their systems builds… I was from the before the pre-millenniums generations, and I didn’t keep up with PCs, since I wasn’t on the cutting edge, since my stroke in 2004, which made my life on the backburner since then…

I just realized I bought my first computer in 1984, so it’s been 40 years with computers… and the last 20 years with recovering from the stroke, and the new recording products devices, are geared to using samples and chord designs… so you only have to push one note to make the whole chord.

I can still think, and making music, has always been in my heart’s love… and I don’t see it will die, only mature for eternity.